Let's say you would like to drive a car with more power or perhaps a van which travels farther on a tank of fuel. You can check out the nearest dealership and check out the most current Audi, BMW, or Mercedes vehicles. Or you could choose one quite simple step to improve your vehicle you currently have.

The ECUengine management device, comprises many unique channels (programmes) that get a grip on all aspects of fuel combustion and engine functioning. Remapping that the ECU involves altering the maps -- attentively, with amazing precision -- to secure more power from the engine and reevaluate vehicle functionality.

However, where does the extra power come out of? The funny thing is, it's experienced the engine along. Car manufacturers often tune their motors to limit power output. One reason to this would be to ensure that their vehicles will run reliably in extreme climates and in places where fuel quality is poor.

Limiting engine power also has certain commercial advantages for car makers. For instance, they can provide buyers an entry level version with a moderately powered engine. They then could tune the engine for high BHP and torque and sell the very same car as an even more expensive upgraded model. A bit sneaky -- but it's possible to do exactly the same task. You are able to tune the engine in your car for more power, just by remapping the ECU.

A fantastic ECU remap is completely customized to your vehicle, the kind of driver you are, and the benefits you want to gain. More power, more torque, and improved fuel economy should be expected from any re-map. However, you can often choose that benefit is more crucial to you and the technician will song the brand new maps so.

By way of example, some drivers need maximum performance above all else. The ECU can be remapped to maximize torque and power at the upper-mid range where it's needed most. Throttle response gets acceleration and flatter is smoother, allowing for assertive vehicle handling and safer overtaking on highways. This type of remap will increase engine power up to 3-5 %, based on the model of the car.

Remapping for fuel market involves tuning the engine for longer low-down torque. This lowers the gear changes needed in everyday city driving, which in turn can lower fuel consumption and emissions. With this particular kind of re-map, drivers may see fuel savings of up to 20%.

Turbo diesel-powered engines will typically observe the most striking progress from an ECU remap. If your car has a turbo gasoline engine or even a normally aspirated engine, there was not as much potential for progress but it is still possible to obtain substantial power gains from a remap. Do not hesitate to contact the service provider and get what they could do for your specific car or truck.

Remapping the ECU on modern cars is safer and simpler than in the past. The tech doing the task doesn't need to eliminate the engine control apparatus or tamper with any internal parts. Instead, car remapping is remapped via the On Board Diagnostic port, using the most recent applications and equipment. The car's unique map has been downloaded into the tech's portable computer, rewritten into the desirable specs, then flashed back to the ECU. A duplicate of this map is stored, which means that you may return the engine for the prior pruning condition at any point in the future.

Subsequent to the re-map, you'll immediately notice additional power and much better response from your car.

A precisely done ECU remap can boost power and also make driving more fun without even harming your car in any way. Only think about the superb engineering which goes into modern vehicles -- it's almost a shame to not take full benefit, but wouldn't you say? Remapping the engine controller unit is an automobile modification that can instantly turn your good car to some great one.

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